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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Son Michael Duane Walmer

Michael Walmer in service somewhere in the USA. He has now traveled more than two years raising his support to return to Uruguay South America. I
I can see that he is very tired and weary as the traveling does get very difficult after about six months.
Travel on my weary son. You will complete your travels and be back in the country that God has called you to.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009


When Laci was four years old, she loved to tell stories and read lots of books. We would play "school" when she would come to visit me or I would babysit for the day. 
I told her the story of the Three Bears and she wanted to tell me the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She knew all the details and she was very animated in telling me how little red riding hood went through the woods with her basket.
As she told me the story, she came to the part where the man (wolf) was asking her what she had in the basket. She explained to the man, (wolf).  The wolf left her and was going to the grand mothers house to hurt her, or worse.

Laci told me, " Little red riding hood reached into her pocket and got her cell phone and called her Grandmother and told her the wolf was going to get her so get in the closet quick".
I tried hard to not laugh but knew she was a modern little girl, who is used to the cell phone and just figurerd that Little Red Riding Hood had one also.
What a modern age we live in and what smart grand children we have today!


When we found out we would have a baby when we comtemplated going to Brazil as missionaires, it was a shock. Not one that I did not want, but a shock anyway. My reaction was "now, Lord"? The timing did not seem so great, at least to me.
After all the years have gone by and here he is with his own family and he has brought us much joy and pleasure through the years. The children are precious; Savannah Love and Laci Joy. Each one is more precious than the other. Soon we will have another little girl to add to this picture; anytime now in August 09. Maybe today?
Stephen is  pastor on staff in Stockton, CA.  We are grateful for this miracle in our life and in our sons life. He always said he would NEVER  be a preacher like his dad or his older brother.  But, alas, God had other plans.
A gift from God, he came to us on Dec 28.  He is our special gift that keeps on blessing and blessing.


Our son Michael Duane and his lovely wife Ivonne are our joy in life. They are hard working missionaries in South America. Over 15 years  in Brazil and now going to Uruguay. They have brought us much joy and happiness and we are glad they serve the Lord and want to do His will in this life.
Being in Brazil makes it hard to get together very often. I suppose that is the worst part of living on the mission field. Yet, there are many rewards to enjoy here on this earth. We are greatly blessed in knowing they and the other children have made their commentment to the Lord. What could be more important than that?

Christian Lucas and Jonathan Michael are their sons. Christian is an A student and travels with his parents in the states raising the funds to go to Uruguay. He has felt the presence of the Lord many times and I belive someday he will be called to work for the Lord also. He is very tender towards the things of God.
Jonathan is in Florida and is working in the computer area. He studied computers in Brazil and was able to get a very good job in the first few weeks of coming to the states. God was good to him in that regard.
Seeing them grow up and not be with them is difficult but we pray for them and love them dearly.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daughter Rachel Mardell and Stephanie and Vanessa

Being in Brazil, South America it is not possible for me to be able to enjoy my
children, nor my grandchildren. So, there is one way I can do that and that is through
pictures. I have a lot of them. Pictures that some would say, " you have too many".

That is a matter of opinion of course, and I shall be entittled to mine. Having the
Pictures is the way I deal with the feelings of loneliness that comes to me ever
so often. So, if I post a few pictures it is because I enjoy looking at them. Humor me.

Rachel and her girls are very precious to me and to my husband. She is so much like her father in so many ways. She works hard at what she does and never stops until she has finished her project. She has unending enery.
She teaches high school students who do not speak English. She can teach anyone anything. It is a true gift from God. One day, I hope to see her using her talents in the ministry. She will be a blessing to many when that day comes.
Stephanie and Vanessa are two girls who won our hearts the day we saw them. Each one is special and so precious to us. They are great students and are excelling in all their subjects. May God use each of them for His glory.

God has blessed me in so many ways. I have no treasures in my purse, only the children God allowed me to have. Michael Duane, Nathan Wayne, Rachel Mardell and Stephen Andrew. They are my treasures and I think and pray for them every day.

I have seen them at their very best and at their very worst. I have seen them through sickness, pain, joy and seeing them recieve the Holy Spirit into their lives.

I have seen them marry and knew they were struggling to make ends meet. I have seen them worship God when I knew it was very hard to do so. I have seen them discouraged to the point, I was not sure they would continue to love and serve God; but they did. Each time they have proved to me that God is with them also and that life to them is precious as they serve the Lord.

Each one has given me immense joy.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Consider this today.

I am posting an article that I think is "right on" and hope you will also. Give some time to read it and let me know what you think.


When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day not enough is, remember the mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee.

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full . . . They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous, "yes."

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

“Now," .said the professor, as the laughter subsided.
“I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life.
• The golf balls are the important things . . . God, family,
children, health, friends, and favorite passions . . . things that if everything else
was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.
• The pebbles are the other things that matter . . . like your job,
house, and car.
• The sand is everything else . . . the small stuff."

" If you put the sand into the jar first," . . he continued “there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff,
you will never have room for the things that are important to you."

“So . Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.
• Play with your children.
• Take time to get medical checkups.
• Take your partner out to dinner.
• Listen when your mate speaks to you; really listen.
• Be a friend to someone who needs a friend.
There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.
Take care of the golf balls first . . the things that really matter.
Set your priorities . . . the rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee
represented. The professor smiled. “I’m glad you asked . . . it just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem . . . there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is HE to you?

I have been thinking and reading on a certain subject that may seem '' over the top'' to some of you who frequent my blog. However, in light of current tendancies in the church world today, I know that my feelings on the matter are valid.

There was a time when I thought it was indeed wrong to express my thoughts of others in the crowd would not be in agreement. This way of thinking has changed within me and I think it is morally wrong to not be true to ones self. There are ways to do that without being an offence.

In todays church world we hear so many ministers telling the people that "God will supply every need you have; just come join my church, be faithful to this church and you will get everything you need from God" Never think for one minute that I do not belive the God will not supply our needs; as I know HE will do that. However, they may be a bit different than what we think is our needs.

To many people today, this trend in evangelist circles has made people to treat God as though he is a Bellhop or an office boy that is forever at our beckon call and comes running to fulfill all the requests of the day.

Is God at your beacon call? Is He a present help in time of trouble? Yes, He is that and much more. However, what you ask HIM to do for you needs to be in accordance with what HE knows is best for you. As you do not have a crystal ball, He is the only one who knows what is best.

Our every wish is not always granted. Shame! But, I need that! Why, of why does not God give me that job, house, girl or whatever we demand from HIM.

Is God only good when he gives us things? Is he bad when we don`t get what we ask for?

When I was operated on for cancer seven years ago, and I was given the results of the operation that it was a good report and the doctor felt I was free of any further problems, I was thankful. I praised God for his mercy in my life.

A friend called me and said to me '' God is good as you are ok and do not have to go through any treatments''. I told her then, "if the results are bad or good.....God is still good to me.''. I feel that God is always good to us all. Some have a harder time in life than others. Just look around and you will see I am right in this. Not everyone has a rosy life style. Some have a very hard time just living. But, God is always good to us.
The only way to live is to believe correctly as to the position of God in our lives is to belive that if something is Gods will, then that is the way it will be. That will be the best way for us in the long run.
God is not my office boy. He does not have to run and do what I demand of HIM. What kind of parent would do that? One who does not really love their child. Many things are witheld from us because He loves us.
Think about it. Consider it and never waste your time resenting God because you don1t get what you want just when you want it.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Lately I have been hearing people talking about decorating their home and buying new clothes and going on trips and buying this or buying that.
On the same day I read about the economy in the USA and know that it is really bad and many people are suffering daily because of it. Thousands have lost their jobs due to bad decisions of our government. Sad to say, but it is true. How can a country spend more than it brings in? Raise taxes! So now, all those who are not working can collect from the government money it does not have unless they take it from the PEOPLE.

I am of the opinion that most folks have forgotten to "make do" with what they have. Making do does not mean you can never do better, but it is the understanding that for now we can not do or go or buy what we THINK we need.

There is a huge difference between needs and wants. Most people in the United States do not understand this whatsoever. Sorry, but that is my thought. It is my blog!

Living in Brazil for so many years has helped me to see another side of life. How can so many people in the world be content to have so little, while there are others who have so much already and are not at all content in thier life.

Now days it is easier to just go in debt rather than just "make do" until the money is available to do more.
No one wants to just "make do" with what they have. If they can't have something new or better than others around them then they feel they are being left out or they feel underpriviledged.

The thought is now days........"will it match my decor? "if not, then I could not possibily use that".
Is it the right color? if not, then I could not possibly use it".
"Throw out all those decorations as in the new house they would not fit in".

Some folks only know how to make do with what they have. They accept the fact it is impossible to have a refrigerator for now, so they will just get by until they can afford to buy one that works. That would be difficult for me to do, but I know many who can not afford the luxury of a way to keep milk or water cold. Yet, they don't whine and cry about it day and night but just plan towards the day when they can. They use what they have ability to pay for until they can do better.

I admire this way of life. I guess I have been here in Brazil to long and known to many people who I admire a great deal who live with so little and yet they are really happy and find contentment in having a bit less of this worlds goods and pleasures.

Maybe some would say I have a "salvation army" attitude. Maybe I have had to "make do" for so long it is a way of life. Is being content with little a bad thing? I don't think so. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Grandmothers Hands

Grandma, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench. She didn't move, just sat with her head down staring at her hands.

When I sat down beside her she didn't acknowledge my presence and the longer I sat I wondered if she was OK .

Finally, not really wanting to disturb her but wanting to check on her at the same time, I asked her if she was OK.

She raised her head and looked at me and smiled. 'Yes, I'm fine, thank you for asking,' she said in a clear strong voice .

'I didn't mean to disturb you, grandma, but you were just sitting here staring at your hands and I wanted to make sure you were OK,' I explained to her.

'Have you ever looked at your hands,' she asked. 'I mean really looked at your hands?' I slowly opened my hands and stared down at them. I turned them over, palms up and then palms down. No, I guess I had never really looked at my hands as I tried to figure out the point she was making.

Grandma smiled and related this story: 'Stop and think for a moment about the hands you have, how they have served you well throughout your years. These hands though wrinkled shriveled and weak have been the tools I have used all my life to reach out and grab and embrace life.

They braced and caught my fall when as a toddler I crashed upon the floor. They put food in my mouth and clothes on my back. As a child, my mother taught me to fold them in prayer. They tied my shoes and pulled on my boots. They held my husband and wiped my tears when he went off to war.

They have been dirty, scraped and raw , swollen and bent. They were uneasy and clumsy when I tried to hold my newborn son. Decorated with my wedding band they showed the world that I was married and loved someone special.

They wrote my letters to him and trembled and shook when I buried my parents and spouse.

They have held my children and grandchildren, consoled neighbors, and shook in fists of anger when I didn't understand.

They have covered my face, combed my hair, and washed and cleansed the rest of my body. They have been sticky and wet, bent and broken, dried and raw. And to this day when not much of anything else of me works real well these hands hold me up, lay me down, and again continue to fold in prayer.

These hands are the mark of where I've been and the ruggedness of life. But more importantly it will be these hands that God will reach out and take when he leads me home. And with my hands He will lift me to His side and there I will use these hands to touch the face of Christ.'

I will never look at my hands the same again. But I remember God reached out and took my grandma's hands and led her home.

When my hands are hurt or sore or when I stroke the face of my children and husband I think of grandma. I know she has been stroked and caressed and held by the hands of God.

I, too, want to touch the face of God and feel His hands upon my face.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As you know my political thoughts may not be exactly yours, but we can still be friends. It seems to me that the world is turned upside down right now and our politicians have lost their way in life. When I hear things like this: Our president will now make it mandatory that all youth serve in a special Help core where they will be taught the current administrations views on all matters. That this was passed in the Senate and the House is beyond my worst fears for America. It would seem I am watching as the spirit of the AntiChrist takes over the minds of the people who were once free to think as they wished. Now, it is different; we must think as we are told to think. This is wrong and it has always been wrong.
So, what can we do about it? Write to your President and tell him what you think. Remember, if enough of us write him, he will know he has to please the people at some point in his time in office. This is only one example.
Mr. Ted Kennedy has sponsored the bill and it has passed. Read about it by going on the internet and make up your own mind. HR1388. Could it be history is repeating what they did in Germany so long ago?
I write the President about all the things I can do nothing about because I am not elected to "represent" the people. Now, we have been told that anyone who does not accept Abortion on demand, has a gun in thier home, belives in a man marrying a women instead of another man, or believes people should have permission to live in this country if they are from another country. All those kind of people are now considered "threats" to our country as they are the right wing conservatives.
Our government gave billions to Hamas in Palestine so they could end up shooting more Israeles and yet we at home are now considered dangerous because we belive in conservative values.
Well, if you have a complaint, you had better get out your pen and paper and send a letter to the Senator or your state or the President of the USA. Remember, He is the top man; the angry people will be heard sooner or later. It seems more folks getter madder by the minute. It does not matter what the news casters tell you; the folks are home are not happy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remembering when......

What you are looking at in this picture is a creek that is below the house, down the hill, from where I grew up. It was a delightful place to play and all my cousins and I, and others who came to my house would go there. It was the first thing everyone wanted to do; lets go to the creek.

We would run ourside, climb down the embankment and hang on to the bushes and trees to get closer to the water and then we would play in the creek. It was fun.

There were crawdads in the creek. I guess that would be a crab of a sort. I know I used to catch them and bring them home to my mom. Sometimes we had 30 of them in a pool of water at our house. I don´t recall ever eating one as the water was contaminated even back then, but we would play with them then take them back to the creek. How we enjoyed finding them.

Sometimes the creek would overflow its boundries and in the winter a city block (where the creek was located in a huge hole near our house) would be flooded and a torrent of water would go through the conduits the city had put in our creek. It was frightening to say the least and yet we would go and just watch the water as it flooded by us and took everything in its sight. We stayed up far away from the water of course, but it was fun and fasinating to see it going by down below.

When things would get back to normal we would begin our times of exploration at the creek. There was always new trails to follow and some even down to the might river Willamatte. It was a big river and our little Perriwikle creek would flow into that one.

Why do I write about that time of my life today? Strange, but it seems I now wonder what in the world my mom was thinking to allow me to play in such a place. There was a railroad track beside my house, and a lot of "travelers" were on those trains. They were not paying passengers but just people who traveled on box cars. Sometimes they would get off and go down to our creek.

It was a dangerous place to play, in that we could have slipped and fallen into the creek and no one would have known for hours. There was so many places we could have been badly injured there but not once did we ever think of that. Now, I know I would NEVER have allowed my kids to play there. Well, at least I don´t think I would have.

Those days were so different. There were evil people then as there has been since the beginning but nothing in the magnitude of today. Peoples minds today are continually on evil and what they can do to promote their evil ideas. Our laws have it is easy for evil men to become wealthy exploiting others.

Society today has accepted bad behaviour as "normal" or a "choice" and nothing more. Freedom has given the worst of us to prey on the innocent and be accepted as having a different way of living or thinking about what is correct or what is normal.

Normal has become a setting on the dryer and nothing more.

I saw the picture of Perriwikle creek and it made me remember a different day. One where the people had a code of life that was intererly different from todays. Many things in our world today are good and many improvements have been made. These have made our life better in many ways. But, there is a change that has come to all of America. We are accepting more and more the things we used to believe were wrong. It would seem to me there is little that is "wrong" anymore. Do whatever seems good to YOU to do........that is the message of today.

I for one, do not agree and still believe there is a right way to live and a wrong way to live. God has decided that and it was a long time ago.

Hugs for all who take the time to read this thought today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just wanted everyone who reads this today that I have written my letter to Mr. Obama and I hope he will get to read it.
I was polite. I can say that for myself. However, I did tell him I was not a terrorist because I live by the USA constitution and that I believe it is OK to have a gun. I am OK because I do not believe in Abortion, nor same sex marriages, nor letting people who don´t work get paid by the governemtn by the people who do work. You and Me!
I told him all that a lot more. I hope he reads it.
But, if you hear I have gone to jail for telling him how I feel, at least you know what I told him.
Have you written a letter to him yet? It is your oportunity to tell him just how you feel about how he is running (ruining) the country.
For now, that is our priviledge.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Pillars. Just what are they anyway? They speak of strength. They speak of foundational strength. To some they are landmarks in a persons life that give you strength.

Landmarks. Something that happens in a persons life that marks that period of their life that could never be forgotten.

Long ago I experienced somehting in my life that has been a "pillar" of strengh to me.
We were planning to go to Brazil as missionaries and it seemed at the time there were many obstacles in our path of ever seeing the land that we knew God had called us to.

I remember standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes and I was praying and asking God to help us in our situation and provide the way for us to get to Brazil. I was very depressed and praying as I washed my dishes. God understands no matter what some might say or think. He does care and he does understand our difficulties of this life.
I remember how I was praying and wanting to belive in a miracle for our family, when I truely felt God´s love and his arms around me. I felt so much comfort that day; it was so real to me.
I was not discouraged any longer. I had felt God´s presence. I knew HE was with me and HE would see to it our needs were met.

That has been over 35 years ago. We have been in Brazil all these years and that experience has been a "pillar" in my life. I look back and remember what God did then and I can look ahead because of that day and KNOW that what God did for me then, HE will do again for me. I will always look back to see the many pillars God has set in my path.

I can not see the future nor do I want to see the hard times ahead of me, but one thing I know when life throws me a curve and I think surely I will not make it past this trial, I will remember, what God has done, He will do again. I do not know how, or when or anything about it but I know God is real and He delights in helping HIS own.

Thank God for the gift of remembering.

Love to you all who joined me today in reading my thoughts.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Share the Secret

The Secret

One day, one friend asked another, "How is it that you are always so happy? You have so much energy, and you never seem to get down."

With her eyes smiling, she said, "I know the Secret!" "What secret is that?" To which she replied, "I'll tell you all about it, but you have to promise toshare the Secret with others."

"The Secret is this: I have learned there is little I can doin my life that will make me truly happy. I must depend on God to make me happy and to meet my needs. When a need arises in my life, I have to trust God to supply according to HIS riches.I have learned most of the time I don't need half of what I think I do. He has never let me down. Since I learned that 'Secret', I am happy."

The questioner's first thought was, "That's too simple!"But upon reflecting over his own life he recalled how he thought a bigger house would make him happy, but it didn't! He thought a better paying jobwould make him happy, but it hadn't. When did he realize his greatest happiness? Sitting on the floor with his grandchildren, playing games, eating pizza or reading a story, a simple gift from God.

Now you know it too! We can't depend on people to make us happy. Only GOD in His infinite wisdom can do that. Trust HIM! And now I pass the Secret on to you! So once you get it, what will you do?

YOU have to tell someone the Secret, too! That GOD in His wisdom will take care of YOU!But it's not really a secret... We just have to believe it and do it... Really trust God!

Graphics By: Mark C. PhillipsAuthor of message unknown
I know this may seem to you that I do not share MY thoughts in that putting someone else thoughts. However, in reading the thoughts here stated, they are much better that my own. I hope you will enjoy reading this thought of the SECRET. Let us all spread the news. (the secret must not be kept secret) Tell everyone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Loveliest flower was I to see, In the garden of Gethsemane.

My head erect, my pure white face
Such a delight for all to embrace.

For all who entered the garden gate,
I'd boldly lift my head and wait'Til they gazed upon my beauty fair.

All who came would see me there.

On the night before he was crucified, Jesus entered.

He passed me by. He wept and prayed in silence there.

All my friends bowed their heads in prayer.

In pity and sorrow they gathered round, Except for me.

I could not be found. I would not join in.

I was much too proud. Bow my lovely head?

No, I would not allow! News spread quickly, the very next day.

All 'round the garden, I heard everyone sayJesus was going to be crucified.

Oh, I wanted to run. I wanted to hide!

I'd been much too vain to hang my head low,

That first Good Friday; long, long, ago.

I would not join the others who prayed with our King.

Now, how can I bear such a sorrowful thing?

No longer will I proudly face the sun.

My head will hang lowly, ashamed of what I've done.

My blossom forever will down turned be,

In honor of Jesus; at Gethsemane.

Dot McGinnis

A Day to Remember

Today is Easter. I hope it means more to you than just new clothes and eating ham and lots of chocolate bunnies.
Easter is a day the Lord told us to remember. We are to remember his Death, Burial and His Ressurection.
As I look around, hear the news, see the pictures and hear the talk I think most people have no clue what today represents to them as an individual or to their family or to the human race.
Jesus purchased our salvation on the cross. He willing died for all of us. No one was left out; even those who had crucified Him that terrible day.

If I do anything today, I would want it to be my remembering his sacrifice by telling him Thank you many times. Thanking him for my salvation and all he gave me that day long before I was born.
Thank Him for the fact he did rise again and lives for evermore. Our whole gospel is wrapped up in that fact. He is not dead. He is alive. What a wonderful message. Let us never forget that message.
I would love to see you today and give you a hug and tell you that Jesus lives for evermore.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Thoughts in our troublesome times.

In looking over our bookshelf this past few days, I found some lost treasures. Books that were given to us by my father in law, Ralph Walmer. These books are old, but the messages they contain are uptodate in thought.

Enjoy this short poem that I post today in this blog. As I am not a poet, nor have I ever wanted to be a poet or prose writer, I shall leave it to you to decide if the message is true or not.

You May Lead a Horse

You may lead a horse to water
But you cannot make him drink.
You may send a boy to college
But you cannot make him think.
You may preach some men a sermon
but you´ll never change their way,
They will go right on tomorrow
As they´ve started out today.
You may tell them to be banking
but they´ll never save a cent;
You may urge them to be building
But they´ll keep on paying rent.
You may write a lot of verses
that you´ll never see in print.
You may tell a bore you´re busy
but he´ll never take a hint.
You may lead some men to business
but they´ll never make a start.
You may show some men their duty
but they´ll never do their part.
You may dress some folks in satin
but you´ll never change their looks;
you may give some folks a book store
but they´ll never read the books.
you may lead a horse to water,
but you´ll find this true, I think:
That unless the horse is thristy,
There´s no way to make him drink.

W. J. Burtscher

In thinking of all the folks I have met along the way of lifes road. People that had great opportunities to make a good life while on this earth, but instead, wasted every opportunity. Mainly the reason being .... no desire, no thrist, no desire, no desire..........without desire to do or be what is there? A life without a goal is a wasted life to be sure.
Looking back is easier than looking ahead. To see where one has been is easy but to look ahead is not an easy task. In thinking of this I see how important it is to be in God´s hands and have Him in control of our lives. He is the counsellor we have claim to.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not sure what my excuse is for not writing on this blog site, but I have not done so for a very long time. As I have a thought to share with you today is a good time to put up some thoughts on the blog. As I am never sure anyone will actually read this blog, I sometimes wonder why I wrote it after it is posted.
After a difficult experience with an badly informed human my thoughts went to the glasses that you are seeing to your right of the screen. They are "rose colored". I guess they will help to keep out the bright sun and also make a person seem more elegant. As they are rose colored they will tint everthing a lovely color of rose.
As I think about a man who has implanted some radical ideas into the area where I live, I am appalled at what he has done. The distruction he has caused with his idleness and greed for finance and position. Many speak of the situation as appalling and heartbreaking while he has informed me just the opposite. When he spoke of what he has done in the cited area, he speaks of his tremendous success. He speaks of happiness and joy in the lives and hearts of all who see what he has done. There are no regrets, no apologies,no imbarrassment at what he has allowed and overseen.
I was not able to understand or accept this attitude from this former friend. Until I remember the "rose colored glasses". He has them on. He sees what He wants to see. He sees from HIS viewpoint, not mine or others that stand by and look on.
while we are lamenting what is happening, he is rejoicing in what he is accomplishing. He is not thiniking of all he has lost but only what he is gaining. Mostly for himself, but gaining never the less.
I have a different colored glasss that I am wearing. I see things in a different light completely. I know more of the story that he is telling. When a person leaves a lot out, it is easy to tell a wonderful story; just leave out any negative parts. Politicians do it all the time to get us to vote for them. They just do not tell the whole truth or what is going to happen if they DO get elected.
So, we have two opinions. Two sets of values and each one of us thinks we are right in what we see.
God has his glasses also. He sees it all. Nothing is hidden from HIM at all. There is no way a person can paint God a glorious picture, as he already sees it as it really is. No frills, no lies, not exagerations, but just the way it really is. No matter the situation.
I think I will try and see through God´s glasses. Maybe I will ask HIM to share with me His vision. If I could do that, then I would be right in my thoughts about what I see. My ways would take a backseat and HIS would be the only thing that would count.
The Bible says to search our hearts to see what is there. We are told to ask God to search our hearts and let HIM show us what is really there. He has no "rose colored glasses". He sees us as we are.
I am not a preacher. But, if I were, I would work on this sermon until it would be a good message to share with people who are interested in what God thinks, instead of just what WE think about a situation.
Think about it?