Sunday, November 18, 2007

Can't sleep tonight

It is 1:17 Am and there is no sleep tonight. What does a person do when sleep just does not come? It seems a waste of time to just lie there and try to sleep. I might as well get up and be busy with something. There are a lot of choices; I could eat something, read a book, watch a DVD, write a letter, read the Bible, worry about tomorrow or I could get on blogspot.

I chose to do just that. Not to much going on but maybe someone else has problems sleeping and you can read my blog!

My new knee and I went out for a shopping trip today. I guess it was about four hours and almost all walking around. So, that is an improvment for me. Usually I want to sit down, go home or at least get off my leg after a couple hours. It is getting better but of course not as quickly as I would like.

I will be baby sitting my grandbaby this next week. She is my helper in that she makes me do a lot of moving around! She is instant motion and she does not miss anything in the room. She is a moving machine for a one year old. I will post her picture. Her name is Savannah Love Walmer. She is a sweet heart and loves to be loved on.

God bless you for reading my blog today. Maybe now I will be able to go to sleep. Sleep will come eventually. Tomorrow is Sunday and that will be a good day. My son has reminded me that anyone who can walk around the stores for four hours can certainly go to church on Sunday. So, I guess I know where I will be in a few hours. :)

Have a good night! I am going to bed.


Friday, November 16, 2007

When I saw the picture I wanted to share it with you.

A friend sent me this picture of the Eye of God. I am not sure it is the eye of God but it just might be. We all know He does watch over us at all times.
As a young girl I sang a song that said " Becareful what you do because the Lord is watching you". I never feared that God would see something wrong that I was doing. Yet, I did not want to do anything that the Lord would see me doing that would be considered wrong by HIS standards.
I guess that song could scare little children. They might think that God is some enormous creature who just watches to see what they do wrong. Then he stands ready to punish them.
That is not the God I serve. Not at all.
He sees what I do; good or bad; yet he still loves me and offers me forgiveness when I "mess up" in some way. He is there all the time. I like the feeling, just knowing He is always there; with me. He lets me know when I need to change things in my life. He speakes, I want to listen.

Have a great day and remember that the Lord is with you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A day in my life

Today is a beautiful day in Stockton, CA. Actually there are few days here that are not almost perfect. Not to cold, not to hot. After living in South America for so many years I dread the heat but here the heat is so dry I do not mind the hot weather. So, today is perfect.

I am doing my PT and hopefully soon I will be able to STOP going and get down to some real living and doing my normal things again. Seems I have been on this routine for so long it will be a welcomed change when my leg is acting normal again.

Perhaps after a surgery it is just part of what I am feeling. The wearyness is the worst part. Just no energy to do much of what I must do. But, at least I get around well and am able to drive, shop and do my house work.

One great thing I have learned is my husband is a great cook. He took over the kitchen while I was recuperating and he did fantastic. Now, I have told him he is in charge of all salads. He makes a great salad. I have taken back my kitchen but he is still doing the salads.

All is good and I thank God for every mercy HE has shown to me and to my family.

Nov 14, 2007