Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The face.

A very crabby lion.

Makes me wonder what happened in his life this day, that made him so disagreeable.
Could be the “food” got away. He is hungry. His mate is off on a “walk about”. Who knows? We can see he is mad about something. Was he disturbed in his nap time? Could be. Whatever it was I would not want to meet him on this day in his native habitat. I think, it would be best just to leave him alone for awhile and he will come around to be his jolly self again.
Reminds me of some people I know when they get angry. It is called sulking. No one wants to be around someone who sulks. It shows a person is wallowing in self pity. That will get them nowhere and very quickly.
Cheer up Mr. Lion. Life will get better and some delicious plate of food will soon come walking through your jungle and you can have your dinner. That is if you stop feeling sorry for yourself and prepare for the feast that maybe coming your way.
Get off the grumpy bed you are in and do something to cheer yourself up. Roar a little. That should help.
Better days are ahead.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Reading is a good way to spend time. Each of us have favorite books and authors that we enjoy spending time with.
My list grows daily as I find new authors and books that appeal to me and my way of thinking.
I envy those who can write and put onto paper what others would want to read. Expression is the key to communication.
There are those who write books, but they do not appeal to me at all, I have to be "hooked" after the first page, or I put the book down.

Some of my favorite books are:
Sanders:  Spiritual Leadership.  A great book for those who desire to be more spiritual in their leadership positions.
Carnegie: How to Win  Friends and influence People  Great book that teaches people how to actually win friends and be an influence in thier lives.
Johnson: Who Moved my Cheese?  When life throws a curve at you this little book helps a person to understand that moving to another "challenge" is not so bad after all.
Dobson:  Where is God when it Hurts?  Great book to help put hurting in the right prospective.
Edersheim:  The life and Times of Jesus the Messiah   No book written by anyone I know of can beat this one. I loved that book.
Shepherd: The Christ of our Salvation.  Great book that tells about Jesus as he lived and taught
Max Lucado:  All his books I recomend. He has never written a bad one.
Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner  Wonderful story that helps a person to understand another culture and true cowardness and true bravery.
James Michener:The Source:  The beginning of man in a fictious novel. Great story
John Steinbeck: East of Eden:  You will not be able to put this book down until you  are finished reading it in its entirety.
Francine Rivers: The Lion series:   Wonderful books about a real christian in a real world. A great inspiration to all who read it. You will cry when there is no more story to read.
Jane Austin  Withering Heights: A classic. A very good read
David McCullough  1776:  I love politics and the true behind what goes on. David McCullough has written some fantastic books that give us a picture of the real people in our history.
John Gregory: The Seven Laws of Teaching :   The fundamentals of teaching. The best of all the books on the subject. No frills, just how to teach.
Bruce Wilkerson: The laws of  Learning:  Fantastic book and well worth the price if you are a teacher who wants the student to actually learn something in your class.

I think I need to quit with the list. It will go on forever.  I think a person can be known by the books that person reads over a time period.
Reading is enjoyable and a learning experience. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The life of Gracie

This is a beautiful article of a women and her faithful dog. Read it with your kneenex box handy as you will shed some tears. No doubt this is the reason the dog is considered "mans best friend", as when he is loved a dog is forever faithful.  Read and join  me in saying
"what an inspiring story". 

By Saralee Perel

This month I began writing one column after another, but nothing clicked. I finally realized my mind's been on a subject that I've been postponing putting into words. But now it is time.
My dog, Gracie, is coming to the end of her life. If only she had lived the life she deserved.

She was a year old when she was found abandoned on the streets of Fall River. When my husband, Bob, and I brought her home, she was terrified of us.
One day she was next to me while I was making soup. As I often do when I cook, I was singing. When I belted out "Oklahoma," I raised my large spoon toward the ceiling for emphasis. She hit the ground on all fours and, petrified, scooted away as if I was going to hit her with the spoon. Clearly she had been abused. She wouldn't even let us hug her.
Finally one glorious day, Gracie made a decision. While cooking spaghetti, I told Bob, "Pasta is done when you fling a piece to the ceiling and it sticks." I balanced a gigantic clump of spaghetti on a huge spoon. "Dare me?""No!"I whipped the spaghetti straight up.

We watched the glob of pasta dangle from the ceiling before it plopped to the floor in one big heap. Bob said, "I guess it's not done."
Had I seen Gracie watching us, I'd never have swung the spoon. But there she stood, smiling, as dog lovers can attest dogs actually do. Then she planted happy sloppy kisses all over my face.

"Oh Gracie." For the first time, she let me hug her. "Welcome to your home, my golden dog."
Though it may seem silly, lately I've been singing my own version of "Amazing Grace" to her.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound That saved and strengthened me. You once were lost, but now you're found Instead of spending her middle years doing fun dog stuff, all she wanted to do was protect me. After my spinal cord surgery, I could barely walk.
She always worried about me. I scrunched her cheeks, "No more worrying. I want you to play, have fun. Be a dog!" But year after year, she would not leave my side, even for her breakfast or dinner. She was my keeper. Instead of playing in our fenced-in backyard, she'd sit outside the glass slider, looking in and watching me.

I told Bob how sad this made me."Gracie has never been happier, Saralee.""But she's always on full alert. She never has fun."
"This is her purpose. She was born for this. She is a lifeguard in every sense. The fact that she is YOUR lifeguard is the biggest gift you could give her. She is honored. She is noble. And she is happiest when she is serving her higher purpose."

It is because of Gracie that I re-learned to walk, though I was scared. But with her assistance, I did it.

"Twas Grace that taught my heart no fear, And Grace all fear relieved. How precious was that Grace was here The hour I first believed."

Gracie, on my left, wore a harness. I had the grip of the leather as well as her strong body next to me for balance. With no training, Gracie knew to take one step, then waited while I took one step. After we repeated this process 4 more times, I shouted, "HALLELUJAH!" Gracie gave me a billion kisses while we hugged.

"Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come; 'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far And Grace will lead me home."

Those glory years sped by all too soon.

Now, nearly 15 years old, she is feeble and in rapid decline. Though her eyes are cloudy, she sees shapes and knows which shape is me. Though she's stiff and aches, she always walks by my side. Though she can no longer hear, she feels the vibrations of me getting out of bed, and slowly pulls her body up from her heated dog bed to resume sentry duty.

Sometimes I wonder if she is hanging on because she believes I can't make it without her.

Last week, out of my love for my beautiful dog, I told her something very hard to say. I believe she heard me. "Gracie, my golden dog." I glided my fingers through her fur. "I could never have walked without your help. But I can walk by myself now." I kissed her forehead. "You will forever be my hero and my lifeguard."

I whispered through tears, "No matter how far I will walk, you will always be on my left. No matter how long I live, I will always see you, looking carefully in front of my path, making sure I am safe." And then, it was painfully hard to say, "If you're too tired, you can let go now, and rest in peace my golden dog.

Oh, my Gracie." I lay next to her with my head on her shoulders. "Thank you."

When her flesh and heart shall fail,

And mortal life shall cease.

I shall possess, within my veil,

Her loyal and eternal peace.

There is little I could add to this article. What a faithful dog says it all. God bless you all and have a good day, all day, no matter what it holds for you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some things should not be hidden..

I have had an interesting talk with a favorite person. As in most conversations in time, the subject rolls around to weather, politics, beliefe system and personal relationships.  I guess there is not much else to talk about really.
Being in a group of people that I do not know well, I am hesitante to "speak" what I actually think.  Today it is called being "politically correct".  There are just some things we should not express in public. Yet, those are our thoughts, feelings or personal convictions that we hold to be true. Do we deny them in order to be "accepted" by those within our circle of acquaintances? Not sure at this point.

It would seem  that if a person is true to their self, then when opportunity arises it is the right and automatic thing to do but to express our opinion, expressing it of course, in a mild and courteous manner. Perhaps that is the answer to it all; just being polite and not obnoxtious as some are. No one wants to be around someone who is rude. Expressing ones opinion then, in my understanding, needs to done in the correct manner.
When someone asks me about a subject and wants an answer, then I must give my answer as I see it, as I know it to be true. Some questions are answered as we see it, while other questions are answered within the boundrys of the Bible or scientific authority.

I suppose I lost a friend these days when I did not agree with what is happening in the United States as far as politics is concerned. I will not,  nor can not agree with the present administration and the socialist leanings of our government.

Another friend who has never understood the doctrine of the Trinty and where it came from,  but can not belive there is only one God. He accepts the Trinity to be the only way to belive.
 To give up my understanding of the oneness of God, would be a great  "turning away" from truth. There is no "political corrections" on the matter. There is no trinity in heaven but only One Lord and his name is Jesus. Many have been burned at the stake for beliveing in One God.
Expressing ourselves in a godly manner is the correct way to express our selves. Not to offend, but to let the listener know what we actually belive. Be true to what you know to be true, no matter what others may think of you.

Just some thoughts that I wanted to share with you today. What do you think?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independance Day 2010

In the picture I have included are some of the signers of our Declaration of Independance. We celebrate that signing today July 4, every year in America. We must never forget what these men did for us in putting forth our reasons for wanting to be free to do and go and think as we would desire.
We call these men and the others, the founding fathers of our nation. Today I want to honor those who gave their very lives for our country.
As they signed the document they all pledged thier lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the document. I hope we will always honor what they gave to us. God is for us in that we are free to worship and tell others of God´s mercy and grace.
I pray today that evil men who seem to rule our land will be made to see the danger they are placing our country in as they proceed with evil deeds. May God help us.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Letting off some steam

After a very long absence in posting things on my blog, I have decided to let off some steam that has been "building up" within me.
Nothing so great or horrendous but just some rambeling thoughts. Not sure how many or if any one will read this, but at least I will post the thoughts.
Seems to me that there is a strange thing about having children who are adults.
As a mom who lives 10,000 miles from her offspring it seems that I am forever begging for pictures of my children and grandchildren. I use the words kindly, but it is always me asking for more pictures of the family that lives so far away.   "please", "when you can", "send me more pictures".   Just a mom wanting to see their pictures. 
The grandkids grow daily and they change so quickly that I love to see all those funny things they do, but can not enjoy them close up. Pictures have to do for me. So, I beg and plead (softly) for more picutres of all the loved ones in my life.
Yet, there is one side of this that I have been pondering for awhile...
No one of the kids ever ask me for my or their dads picture. No requests come this way from any of them. Strange, when I think of it. Is this love affair just one sided?  Not sure, but it seems to me that it is one sided in this respect.
We are old now and not so handsome to be sure. Yet, we are Mom and Dad and I wonder why no requests come to us for our pictures.

Small pensaments of my head today?  Not sure, but I do wonder.
Then I looked around my house and I see not one picture of my mother, dad or any of my in-laws. Nary a one!  So, I am just as guilty as what I am complaing about. I will be putting some up tomorrow for sure. 
I loved my mother and even though I barely knew my father, his picture will also go on the wall for me to remember who he was and what he looked like. Without him and my mother I would not be here to be writing this little thought tonight.

Someone said... What goes around .....comes around... So, I will leave my thoughts for you to consider wither they are valid or not. Whatever your thoughts are about this "steam release", we will remain friends.  It was good to at least write it down.