Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Thoughts in our troublesome times.

In looking over our bookshelf this past few days, I found some lost treasures. Books that were given to us by my father in law, Ralph Walmer. These books are old, but the messages they contain are uptodate in thought.

Enjoy this short poem that I post today in this blog. As I am not a poet, nor have I ever wanted to be a poet or prose writer, I shall leave it to you to decide if the message is true or not.

You May Lead a Horse

You may lead a horse to water
But you cannot make him drink.
You may send a boy to college
But you cannot make him think.
You may preach some men a sermon
but you´ll never change their way,
They will go right on tomorrow
As they´ve started out today.
You may tell them to be banking
but they´ll never save a cent;
You may urge them to be building
But they´ll keep on paying rent.
You may write a lot of verses
that you´ll never see in print.
You may tell a bore you´re busy
but he´ll never take a hint.
You may lead some men to business
but they´ll never make a start.
You may show some men their duty
but they´ll never do their part.
You may dress some folks in satin
but you´ll never change their looks;
you may give some folks a book store
but they´ll never read the books.
you may lead a horse to water,
but you´ll find this true, I think:
That unless the horse is thristy,
There´s no way to make him drink.

W. J. Burtscher

In thinking of all the folks I have met along the way of lifes road. People that had great opportunities to make a good life while on this earth, but instead, wasted every opportunity. Mainly the reason being .... no desire, no thrist, no desire, no desire..........without desire to do or be what is there? A life without a goal is a wasted life to be sure.
Looking back is easier than looking ahead. To see where one has been is easy but to look ahead is not an easy task. In thinking of this I see how important it is to be in God´s hands and have Him in control of our lives. He is the counsellor we have claim to.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not sure what my excuse is for not writing on this blog site, but I have not done so for a very long time. As I have a thought to share with you today is a good time to put up some thoughts on the blog. As I am never sure anyone will actually read this blog, I sometimes wonder why I wrote it after it is posted.
After a difficult experience with an badly informed human my thoughts went to the glasses that you are seeing to your right of the screen. They are "rose colored". I guess they will help to keep out the bright sun and also make a person seem more elegant. As they are rose colored they will tint everthing a lovely color of rose.
As I think about a man who has implanted some radical ideas into the area where I live, I am appalled at what he has done. The distruction he has caused with his idleness and greed for finance and position. Many speak of the situation as appalling and heartbreaking while he has informed me just the opposite. When he spoke of what he has done in the cited area, he speaks of his tremendous success. He speaks of happiness and joy in the lives and hearts of all who see what he has done. There are no regrets, no apologies,no imbarrassment at what he has allowed and overseen.
I was not able to understand or accept this attitude from this former friend. Until I remember the "rose colored glasses". He has them on. He sees what He wants to see. He sees from HIS viewpoint, not mine or others that stand by and look on.
while we are lamenting what is happening, he is rejoicing in what he is accomplishing. He is not thiniking of all he has lost but only what he is gaining. Mostly for himself, but gaining never the less.
I have a different colored glasss that I am wearing. I see things in a different light completely. I know more of the story that he is telling. When a person leaves a lot out, it is easy to tell a wonderful story; just leave out any negative parts. Politicians do it all the time to get us to vote for them. They just do not tell the whole truth or what is going to happen if they DO get elected.
So, we have two opinions. Two sets of values and each one of us thinks we are right in what we see.
God has his glasses also. He sees it all. Nothing is hidden from HIM at all. There is no way a person can paint God a glorious picture, as he already sees it as it really is. No frills, no lies, not exagerations, but just the way it really is. No matter the situation.
I think I will try and see through God´s glasses. Maybe I will ask HIM to share with me His vision. If I could do that, then I would be right in my thoughts about what I see. My ways would take a backseat and HIS would be the only thing that would count.
The Bible says to search our hearts to see what is there. We are told to ask God to search our hearts and let HIM show us what is really there. He has no "rose colored glasses". He sees us as we are.
I am not a preacher. But, if I were, I would work on this sermon until it would be a good message to share with people who are interested in what God thinks, instead of just what WE think about a situation.
Think about it?