Sunday, June 27, 2010

Letting off some steam

After a very long absence in posting things on my blog, I have decided to let off some steam that has been "building up" within me.
Nothing so great or horrendous but just some rambeling thoughts. Not sure how many or if any one will read this, but at least I will post the thoughts.
Seems to me that there is a strange thing about having children who are adults.
As a mom who lives 10,000 miles from her offspring it seems that I am forever begging for pictures of my children and grandchildren. I use the words kindly, but it is always me asking for more pictures of the family that lives so far away.   "please", "when you can", "send me more pictures".   Just a mom wanting to see their pictures. 
The grandkids grow daily and they change so quickly that I love to see all those funny things they do, but can not enjoy them close up. Pictures have to do for me. So, I beg and plead (softly) for more picutres of all the loved ones in my life.
Yet, there is one side of this that I have been pondering for awhile...
No one of the kids ever ask me for my or their dads picture. No requests come this way from any of them. Strange, when I think of it. Is this love affair just one sided?  Not sure, but it seems to me that it is one sided in this respect.
We are old now and not so handsome to be sure. Yet, we are Mom and Dad and I wonder why no requests come to us for our pictures.

Small pensaments of my head today?  Not sure, but I do wonder.
Then I looked around my house and I see not one picture of my mother, dad or any of my in-laws. Nary a one!  So, I am just as guilty as what I am complaing about. I will be putting some up tomorrow for sure. 
I loved my mother and even though I barely knew my father, his picture will also go on the wall for me to remember who he was and what he looked like. Without him and my mother I would not be here to be writing this little thought tonight.

Someone said... What goes around .....comes around... So, I will leave my thoughts for you to consider wither they are valid or not. Whatever your thoughts are about this "steam release", we will remain friends.  It was good to at least write it down.

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